Moisturizing cream for extremely dry skine

Hydrating cream for whole your body.

For your face, hands, legs, knees, heels, elbows…

Wherever the skin is over-dried – and would not have to be 🙂


Ingredients: chamomile hydrolate, glycerin, xanthan, NMF, MSM, Plantasens, Montanov 68tm, Emulium Dolcea MB, Lanolin Alcohol, Beeswax, Polyglycerin Laurate, Olive, Coconut and Rice Oils and coconut milk, cosgard.
The cream smells of EO white grapefruit.


More about the raw materials used:

Chamomile hydrolate soothes irritated and problematic skin and helps with problems such as rashes, eczema, rosacea, manosis…

Glycerin naturally occurs in the skin layers, improves the function of the skin barrier, the mechanical properties of the skin and accelerates the healing processes.

Bees wax keeps moisture in the skin, protects it, softens, nourishes and regenerates. Bees wax has anti -inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thanks to these properties, it is very suitable for wound healing and is widely used for irritated skin of the whole body. Is a great source of vitamin and

Olive oil promotes the regeneration of dry stressed skin, intensively cares for damaged skin.
It is very suitable for dry, inflammatory, allergic, irritated, injured or otherwise damaged skin. Supports healing and skin regeneration.

Coconut oil The skin is smooth and gentle after its application, moistening the skin and creating a protective layer on it.

Rice oil nourishes, moisturizes and restores, is very beneficial for the skin, stimulates collagen production, is antioxidant and regenerative….
Shea butter (Karite) perfectly cares for dry, dry, cracked and sensitive skin

Taman oil has distinctive antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti -inflammatory effects
It is suitable for dry, scaly and sensitive skin, promotes the formation of new tissue and thus helps to speed up the wound healing process. It works positively on old scars (eg after acne or stretch marks)

Copaiba balm analgesic, antimicrobial and selectively antimicrobial (gram -positive bacteria), antiseptic, dermatic, gastroprotective, laxative, anti -inflammatory

Colloidal oats colloidal oatmeal are filled with 5.5% beta-glucan-often described as a natural plant alternative to hyaluronic acid that offers hypoallergenic, regenerative and protective properties and makes an excellent component for damaged or dry skin

NMF-Hydrokomplex consists of a mixture of Sodium PCA, Glucose, Urea, Glutamic Acid, Lysine, Allantoin, Lactic Acid, Water and Glycerine.

   Sodium PCA is a sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid (also known as PCA). PCA is a naturally occurring component of human skin and part of NMF. Sodium salt is very hygroscopic, which means that it can establish a large amount of water into its structure, keep it there and thus support the skin hydration. It is non -comedogenic, does not irritate eyes or skin.

   Glucose is a simple sugar that acts as a moisturizing raw material supporting healthy skin hydration and prevents it from leakage from layers of skin.

   Urea is a humektant naturally occurring in the skin structure. With the increasing age, its amount in the skin decreases. It has an amazing ability to hold the water molecules together and thus keeps the skin flexible and hydrated. It strengthens the protection of the skin barrier and is a fine exfoliating agent.

   Glutamic acid is an amino acid that helps stabilize the skin value of the skin and at the same time maintain the balance of the skin.

   Lysine is an amino acid increasing collagen production to make the skin firm and flexible, giving it a younger appearance. It can also bind moisture.

   Allantoin is a NMF-Hydrokomplex component that naturally regenerates, protects, soothes and moisturizes the skin. It promotes the growth of new skin cells and helps natural skin exfoliation.

   Lactic acid is ah acid that permeates the skin and removes dead skin cells – they help epidermal exfoliation. It has a high moisturizing ability and maintains a healthy pH of the skin. Its smaller structure is able to get deeper into the skin. Milk acid can reduce pigment unevenness and generally unifies skin tone.

   Glycerin is a raw material promoting skin hydration, improves the function of the skin barrier, the mechanical properties of the skin and accelerates the healing processes.

MSM is a source of biologically available sulfur that is essential for cellular metabolism; Sulfur improves skin and hair condition. MSM fights acne, fungal infections, regenerates oily skin is great for atopic skin, alleviates allergies and dampens itching. It participates in the synthesis of collagen in the skin. It has a detox, releases toxins from the body.

Cosgard Cosgard is an antibacterial and antifungal synthetic preservative that flows the durability of natural or organic cosmetics. Is ecocert* approved for preservation ** organic cosmetics.

EO White Grapefruit fresh, slightly bitter citrus aroma, which is very characteristic of the fruit.

Moisturizing cream for extremely dry skin
Moisturizing cream for extremely dry skin